It’s time to end this story, a story of 3 years race. It all started with finding my way back with my training after my pregnancy. My husband has signed me up for a Tough Viking race in 2017. And hard training started with PT Rouger Adler, he taught me how to train, in my opinion, the right way. How important it’s to have a strong core and not just focus on heavy weights. He also gave me a mind set off not just focus on my weight. After more than 3 months of training I did my first race, Tough Viking in Gothenburg, 2017-04. I finished the race but wasn’t pleased with the result. I was so tired and couldn’t enjoy the race. So I decided for a revenge! And signed up for Toughest in Malmo. A harder training begin, again, with the best PT Rouger. This time I was more focus and got some experience from the race in Gothenburg, nothing can go wrong and I felt I was in the best shape!

2018-05, standing on the start line and adrenaline rushing through my veins. “3-2-1 GO!” After some bars and 1 km, still feeling good and my breathing was under control! More adrenaline, good tempo and technique… 2,5 km “Boom!!!” Crawling under net, full speed and my head straight into a bar. Ambulance to emergency! Neck collar for 3 weeks. And that’s the end of that revenge… I was so disappointed and mad. I told my self no more OCR race, I’m done!

But hey… I’m not a quitter!

2019-05, standing on the start line again! This time I didn’t have any choices. I got this race as Christmas gift from my employer. No, I couldn’t say no. More practices with my awesome Rouger! This time we focused on high intense training, HIT, and breathing’s techniques.

“3,2,1 GO!” All through the race I kept hearing Rouger said “focus on your breathing, get yours pulse down and reloading for the next bar!!”

I finished the race in 1 h and 40 minutes. No injuries, it wasn’t like a walk in the park but it wasn’t that hard either. With no queue I could definitely get a better time. But that wasn’t the point. I had fun, I finished the race and I’m done! Over and out and that’s the story of Toughest!

Tough Viking 2017-04

Toughest 2018-05

Toughest 2019-05