This’s a story of some of us who never learn. And yes, I’m one of them. It´s time for me tell you a story about my relationship with Toughest.

For those who hade followed me on my JessicaMrsE blog know that these Toughest race begin when I tried to get back on shape after mine pregnancy. I did finished one race, 2017, but wasn’t pleased with the result. So last year me and my sister signed up for a revenge race but I ended up in an emergency. Any how that’s just another story.

After that I did decide that I was done with this kind of race. And than… yes, I did signed up for the race again. I guess we have an unfinished affair me and Toughest. This time I’m more than ready and don’t worry I have learned my mistakes. On May 11 th in Malmo I will run this race, don’t forget to cheer me up!

Then, Toughest 2018


Bring it on!