Let me tell you a story about this Salmon and red curry. 

As I told you before one of my biggest passion is food. I may have it in my culture  but I just love cooking, and eating, not only Thai food but all kind off cuisine. The best part’s when I see those I cooked for eating and just loving it. Yes you can call me a feeder. No just kidding but I do really understand my mom now how she can spend hours in kitchen, cooking and see us eating that food in minutes. It’s just so satisfying. 

But I have to warn you about one thing, I’m not that good at fallowing recipes and every recipes I learned or making I just do the Jessie’s twist on that. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Mostly it does! 

So back to this salmon with red curry. In my opinion salmon is a fish that taste very fishy. And for those who don’t like fish very much but love coconut and curry should try this one. The coconut, herbs and curry make that fishy taste go away. 

You will need.

4 pieces salmon. 

1 coconut milk

1 tbs red curry

1 onion

2 chili

6 lime leaves 

2 cleft garlic 

1/2 dL oil

1/2 tbs sugar

Fish sauce

Salt and pepper 

And oh! You guys should also have it in your mind that I always use more chili on my cooking videos. Why? Let just say that’s another story. Good luck and don’t hesitate to ask me about the recipe.