I know, I know, I know that you guys are thinking how can she even tell a story about meatballs!!? But hear me out, let me tell you a story how to roll meatballs like a boss! It gonna save you so much time.

It wasn’t only weather and new culture to take in when you moved far far away from your home. You also have to bee creative when it comes to cooking. Things that was obvious to find in food markets or in restaurants was now so hard to find.

One specificity we missed was Phoue, nudle soup whit meatballs. So we started to learn how to make Thai meatball. And the only way was learning by doing! Back than you didn’t have YouTube. We made lots of meatballs till we found the perfect recipe and technique. We gave some to friends and family. The Saiyawong meatballs become something that everyone wanted . We started to take orders but it ended with we didn’t have time to make it.

And my role of this meatballs factory was, YES rolling meatballs and I did it like a boss 😉 I hope this video helps you, and that was the meatballs story!


XOXO and merry X-mas!