So let me tell you about my exercise story.

As I told you before, exercise was the way for us to integrate. But the truth is, it all began with my father, I remember when the whole family went outdoor and played badminton. Me against dad and mom against my sister, I also remember┬áthat he told me. “Jessica, if you can hit so hard that the net breaks apart. I will give you 100 kr.” That night I couldn’t sleep because my arm hurt so bad. Still today I try to get that 100 kr.

Even if I have confident in what I do. I must admit that it’s hard to deal with all the society’s expectations about how a body should look like. But I’m glad that I have this stable ground to stand on, exercise is a life style. It is not something you shouldn’t feel it’s a must to do. We all know that exercise is good for your health, so lets find something that you like and make it to your life style, or set a goal. I have set mine, but it’s not time to tell yet. Till then enjoy my journey from that day I gave birth to my son till today.

2 months after have given birth.

7 months after...

2,5 years after. And yes you can train together.

My PT Rouger Adler