Let me tell you a story…

My story already started on February 14, 1984 in Thailand.
Just before dawn, my curious eyes opened to the world. I grew up with my mom, dad, little sister, grandmother, grandfather, grandma, grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins… well the list is long lets just say that we were a really big family where I grew up.

But my real story began in 1992, when my family moved to Sweden. No longer that big family, just four of us.
A new country, Sweden, so cold! My first memory of Sweden was that I breathed steam! A new language to learn, new customs, new friends and four of us just tried to fit in.

As time went by I learned to take a leader’s role and at the age of 8, I knew that the role as a manager will suit me.

Despite the new country and new customs, my family never forgot our Thai roots. And I’m so grateful for that and the hard work they have done!
I can speak, read and write Thai fluently, well the writing part is not really true. I spell like a pre school child!
And my passion for food comes from endless long cooking hours and dinner with my family and all parties my parants arranged. I remember like yesterday when my mom said, “Jessica, act like a man but remember that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!”
Thanks mom! Actually the way to everyone’s heart is through the stomach. Right?

Me and my husband we met when we were quite young, I was 17 and Daniel 20. Back than he didn’t know that I was gonna marry him, after  he said I was the sweetest girl in the world. It was than I started to feed him with Thai food! Today we have been married for 5 years and have a fantastic son, Karl! And he´s a big part of my story.

To my next passion, training. Sports and exercise have always been and still are a big part of my life. With a father who was an old gymnast, sports enthusiast, he realized that the best way to integration is through sports.  So, my little sister and I started with gymnastics. Dad, I really wished that I had more patience but no, gymnastics wasn’t our thing. So we Started with badminton, table tennis and soccer.
My little sister debuted in Thailand’s soccer team summer 2018. So yes, soccer it is.
But my soccer career ended when my studies took more and more of my time. High school and a few years later at the university, I became an engineer, 22 years old newly graduated engineer and thought I knew everything, boy I was  wrong.
Today I work at WSP Management and still learning.

Back to my training! As I said, training is a big part of my childhood and it has followed me through the years in one way or another. After soccer it has mostly been gym and badminton. For several years I thought I was training the right way,  but it wasn’t after I gave birth to my son that I learned how to train correctly. Your body is fantastic, 34 years old and given birth to a child, and I have never been in better shape!

It has been ups and downs and lots of tears to take me where I am today. Nothing comes easy, we all have differently part of life it’s just about making the best of yours. It sometimes look simple,  but believe me it’s not and everything we have today we have worked hard for. Family, career, training and everything else that looks so easy.

In this new blog, I will share my stories, stories of food, training, career/economics, my ups and downs.