Everyone knows that I love to take pictures. Yes I love to take pictures because every picture has a story to tell. Two weeks ago I was trying to upload pictures from my old computer to iCloud. It took longer time than I thought. I think I went through every single picture.

It was than I realized… I have had the same hairstyle for ages! I was afraid to cut it off, I was afraid of changing my hairstyle… but that’s not me. I’m not afraid of changes and afraid off cutting my hair, hairs that grows back again??? Well, I will lie to you if the only reason was that I was afraid.
My dear husband, he doesn’t want me to cut it off either.

“It’s beautiful as it’s, you are so beautiful in long hair I like it!”

“Oh honey, if you think I’m beautiful now wait till I cut it off!”

So here I’m in my new haircut. Do I like it, well just let the pictures tell it self.

“Why, haven’t you cut it off early. It suits you so well!”

Told you baby! And that’s a story of cutting it off. Are you thinking of cutting your hair, just do it!

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