You don’t realize how far you have come until you take a look at some old pictures. About a year ago I started to train with my PT Rouger and this is a story about a year of training progress.

Me and my sister started to train with Rouger for our Toughest race (a obstacle race) but also to find good and right technics for long term workout. My PT said, “Don’t focus on your weight, it’s about to build muscle and lose body fat.” So I did a Inbody Test. The test analyzes how much fat, muscles, body water and minerals and so on you have in your body.

For months me and my sister worked so hard for the 2018 Toughest race and I was in a good shape (I thought). Than the Toughest race come and I ended up in emergency for my neck… how I ended up there is another story.

Anyhow I didn’t went true my Toughest race and after some rehab weeks I started to exercise again but it was hard because summer come. You know bbq, wine, drinks and late summer nights. And then autumn come, and it comes with a big punch in my face… sometimes life just surprises you.
And with that “face punching” I lost some weight… Besides my kitchen the gym is my second place where I can clear my head.
I continue so I lost some more weight… in October I did my second Inbody Test just to remind myself of this “face punching”. I lost a few kg of fat but I also lost some muscles, it wasn’t a healthy way of losing weight. I continued to eat clean, cut the alcohol and keep doing my exercises.

As I was planing and setting new goals with Rouger and than he reminded me that it was about a year ago when we started this journey. So I did a new test just so I can se one year of my training progress.

Test nr. 1
Inbody score: 81/100 Weight: 62,1 kg Body fat: 16,4 kg Muscles: 9,0 kg

Test nr. 2
Inbody score: 79/100 Weight: 57,2 kg Body fat: 14,2 kg Muscles: 8,5 kg

Test nr. 3
Inbody score: 83/100 Weight: 57,1 kg Body fat: 12,2 kg Muscles: 8,8 kg

Yes, life’s surprise you and sometimes I’m surprising myself, you don’t realize how strong you are untill you got that face punching.